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Smart Link: Building AI Into BLTN

The latest feature we’re bringing to BLTN, Smart Link AI, might deliver the greatest efficiency gains yet.
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The Future Of Retail Security

With shoplifting on the rise within major western cities, which cutting-edge technologies can improve safety and security in the retail space?
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Why Is Public Sector Software So Mediocre?

In an era in which technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, why does public sector software remain miles behind modern standards?
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Why Do Law Enforcement Agencies Struggle To Collaborate?

Criminals have never recognized jurisdictional boundaries so why does law enforcement still struggle to collaborate?
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Where are all our police officers?

With officer numbers on the rise in many areas, why hasn't police visibility improved too?
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Policing Artificial Intelligence: Will AI Enable Criminals To Do More Damage Than Ever Before?

What exactly will the artificial intelligence revolution mean for law enforcement? We take a look at the challenges and opportunities it presents.
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BLTN: A Game-Changer for Federal Agencies

BLTN offers significant time-saving benefits to federal agencies.
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Enhancing Campus Safety through Data Sharing: A Look at Multitude Insights' BLTN Platform for Campus Safety

By collaborating and exchanging information, campus police departments can gain crucial insights into the type, number, and nature of crime around their campuses. Tools like BLTN offer an innovative solution for increasing collaboration while maintaining student privacy.
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Our CEO: Data Sharing Improves Safety, Transparency, and Coordination

Data-sharing allows agencies to more effectively coordinate their efforts. By sharing information about ongoing investigations, officers can work together to build stronger cases and make arrests more quickly. This can help to prevent crimes before they happen, and keep our communities safer. BLTN has already been used to do this countless times.
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No More Surprises

How human-in-the-loop technology helps secure our communities and stop violent extremism before it can happen. After yet another senseless mass shooting, this time at a grocery store in a predominately black part of Buffalo, NY, the country is yet again asking its law enforcement professionals; how did we not detect the racist manifesto posted on the internet?
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