BLTN for Law Enforcement

Increase case closure. Collaborate with ease.
Save hours a day.

Don't get bogged down with manual email coordination and phone tag. BLTN detects collaboration opportunities intelligently, provides a platform for live collaboration, eliminates information sharing friction, and allows for easy transparency.
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Take advantage of our dashboard to upload your bulletin or crime data. This can include anything from a license plate number, an alias/name, even a phrase from a witness. We take structured and unstructured data and make it useful.
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BLTN's algorithm alerts you when other officers are investigating the same crimes or have information relating to your department's bulletins. This speeds case closure, cuts down on manual coordination over email/phone, and increases overall coordination and informational accuracy. BLTN is a detective's best friend: helping them move through caseloads more quickly and effectively.
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BLTN is the collaborative intelligence network for anybody with a stake in public safety. Your neighbors have NextDoor, now Police departments have BLTN. BLTN makes it simple to work together to understand crime in the community and bring suspects to justice more quickly.

Want to See What We Can Do?

Multitude Insights builds intelligent tools for public safety. Our technology scans reports and allows users to see the most relevant information. This improves overall coordination and information accuracy to accelerate case closure rates.

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“The team at Multitude Insights is connecting the dots in ways we never could before…indispensable.”

— Boston Area Police Chief