Not another data silo

We work across jurisdictions to drive case closure.

We remove friction with technology that analyzes, matches, and suggests collaborative opportunities. Law enforcement and public safety stakeholders use our tool because they want to get their job done faster and more efficiently.
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What Sets Us Apart

Intelligent tools for public safety
Collaboration software is so incredibly clunky today that many police avoid it, despite the treasure trove of information other departments may have that could lead to solving a case.
easy to use.

Our unique dashboard is straightforward and simple. Manage your data from ONE place.

saves time.

BLTN allows police officers to be more efficient, save money on labor, and solve crimes more quickly.


NLP tech scans through reports and surfaces the right information, even if the data is messy.

BLTN detects and provides a platform for live collaboration opportunities, removes friction, and enables transparency into law enforcement behavior. With BLTN we make things easy.

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