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Learn About BLTN

BLTN = Bulletin

BLTN revolutinizes information sharing between police departments using Natural Language Processing Technology.

Use our forms or upload bulletins that police have already generated.

search. Analyze.

BLTN is a nationwide network. Search and analyze bulletin data in your region or across the country.


AI matches reports between departments and alerts officers.


Live, on-platform collaboration with other officers.

We believe in giving public safety professionals cutting edge tools to solve crimes more quickly and keep our communities safe.

Why Choose Us?

At Multitude Insights, we strive to keep communities safe and connected by deploying cutting-edge tools for public safety stakeholders. Our goal is to create a unified tool for public safety stakeholders, helping them share information and collaborate in order to solve crimes faster and keep communities safe.

BLTN is being tested in three departments throughout Boston and will evolve into a public safety collaboration platform, serving as critical infrastructure for cities.

A Team You Can Count On

Our leadership team brings military experience, legal expertise, and technical excellence to help law enforcement agencies make sense of their unstructured data and keep their communities safe.

“Before BLTN, our most advanced collaboration tool was email. BLTN makes our sharing smarter, faster, and easier. This is a must for any forward thinking department.”

- Det. Sgt. Swift, Boston Area Detective